Moore and Vandeleur


Charles Moore, 1st Marquess of Drogheda was born on 29 June 1730.1 He was the son of Edward Moore, 5th Earl of Drogheda and Lady Sarah Ponsonby.3 He married Lady Anne Seymour-Conway, daughter of Francis Seymour-Conway, 1st Marquess of Hertford and Lady Isabella Fitzroy, on 15 February 1766.1 He died on 22 December 1822 at age 92.


Lady Frances Vandeleur

Lady Frances Vandeleur.

Lady Frances Vandeleur, nee Moore, daughter of the 1st Marquess of Drogheda, painted in 1808 while she was on honeymoon in Rome with John Ormsby Vandeleur. The painting is by Gaspari Landi who trained the famous French artist, David.

Source: Clare Library Fotoweb: Vandeleur Collection



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