The Churchyard, Kilrush

942257_428936107202688_1377704568_n.jpgIn the 1980s, Kilrush-based historian and Town Councillor, George Harratt and a team of FÁS workers, surveyed the site and recorded the inscriptions from the headstones and grave markers. Harratt and his team also produced a map of the site.

Their work is available here:

Since 2011, Kilrush & District Historical Society has been restoring and recording the town’s pre-Reformation graveyard, known as Kilrush Churchyard. This is a voluntary project and to date, the improvements at the site have been remarkable.

In 2014, the Historic Graves Project, surveyed the site and produced an up-to-date map using GPS coordinates.That project is still ongoing and is available here:

Kilrush Churchyard, December 2011, prior to restoration

The below photograph illustrates the changes that have taken place at the Churchyard over the past number of years.


Post restoration (2012-present)

The Churchyard, Kilrush has many fine examples of vernacular funerary art. The site also features fine mausolea, table tombs and an obelisk, in addition to locally produced ironwork.

A selection of grave markers from the Churchyard, Kilrush.


A fine example of a vernacular funerary artwork featuring a gentleman on horseback bedecked with top hat and tails. This example dates from the 1840s.



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