Clonderlaw House, Kilmurry, Killadysert, County Clare.

Kilmurry Mc Mahon CC
A view of Clonderlaw House.

Clonderlaw House was either built or bought by a branch of the Studderts of County Limerick in the mid-eighteenth century and it remained their home until the mid-twentieth century. In 1786, Wilson refers to it as the seat of Mr. Studdert. It was part of the Wandesforde Estate in County Clare. In 1894 it was the residence of Captain George Studdert. It was the home of Mrs Gore (nee Studdert) in the 1940s but according to the Irish Tourist Association surveyor it was not in good repair and ‘likely to go the way of all the other big houses of Clare’. However it has survived into the twenty first century with its roof on.


And on the earlier c.1840s map (below):

Clon 1840

Clonderlaw House (2014)


Interior of Clonderlaw House:



By the census of 1901, Poole Hickman was a captain at sea and in 1911 married his first cousin Frances Louisa Studdert of Clonderlaw House.



The above photograph shows three sisters at Woodlawn House, L to R Miss Nina Gore, Miss Edith  Gore and Mrs. Helen Leticia Elizabeth Henn of Paradise House. To the extreme right is their first cousin  Mrs. Frances Louisa Gore of Clonderlaw House.


2 thoughts on “Clonderlaw House, Kilmurry, Killadysert, County Clare.

  1. All that ruin, and yet still a picture hanging over the fireplace! How sad that these beautiful old homes have gone.


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